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There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world as we know it. Many experts believe that AI will soon become a staple in our lives. As this technology continues to evolve, so too does the potential for it to be used in creative ways. One such method is through the creation of art. Here we are going to break down what AI art is and how you can monetize AI art so that you can become that digital nomad you have always dreamed of!

What is artificial intelligence (AI) art?

AI art is one of the most significant breakthroughs to come out of the world of digital art in recent years. This new art form is created using algorithms and software that allow for images, videos, and even sculptures that would be impossible to create using traditional methods. Instead of using Photoshop or going to school for graphic design, you can now tell the software what you want to make, and it will draw an original piece. The great thing about AI art is that anyone can create it, regardless of their artistic ability!

How does AI artwork?

AI art is created using algorithms that are designed to generate new content. The software will start with a base image and then use the algorithms to transform it into something new. The end result is an original piece of art that can be used for anything from wall art to digital prints.

The way that AI art works is you have to input the information that you want the software to use to create the piece. Here is an example:

You want to ensure you provide as much detail as possible so that the software can create a truly unique piece.

Here is what the above prompt created:

monetize AI art

If you want to make any changes, you can add what you want to see and click create until you are happy with the image!

How to monetize AI art

Now that you have seen just how powerful this technology is, it is time to discuss how you can use this technology to create a stream of passive income. This is a groundbreaking technology for anyone who wants to become a digital nomad and earn a full-time income from your laptop. The important thing is that you get creative and find the best ways to monetize this new tech.

Sell it on online marketplaces

The first way you can monetize AI art to earn additional income is by selling it on online marketplaces. Several sites allow you to sell your artwork, many of which will take a sale cut. This is a great way to get started, requiring little effort. You simply need to upload your artwork and set a price. Once someone buys it, the site will take care of the rest and send you the money.

One of the best art pieces to sell is simple background images. Businesses and presentation creators pay millions of dollars annually to purchase gradient backgrounds that they can use license free.

Traditionally, you would need to learn how to create gradients and backgrounds using Photoshop. However, with AI art, you can make these backgrounds in minutes!

Here is an example of an input:

Here is the AI art generation:

To get started, you must find a marketplace that allows you to sell your artwork. Once you have done that, upload your images and set a price. You can start promoting your artwork and wait for the sales to roll in. This is one of the easiest ways to create passive income using ai art.

Some of the best marketplaces for generating sales are:

Create a print-on-demand business

Another fantastic way to monetize AI art is by starting a print-on-demand business. This is a business model where you create artwork that can be printed on physical products like t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. The great thing about this business model is that you don’t need to worry about inventory or shipping, as the print-on-demand company will take care of that for you.

To get started, you must create an account with a print-on-demand company and upload your artwork. Once you have done that, you can start promoting your products and earning a commission on every sale. This is an excellent way to passive income, as it requires very little work.

Some of the best print-on-demand companies are:




Red Bubble

Here are some custom tee designs that have been created using AI software:

Make freelance art

The third way to monetize AI art is to use these skills as a service. Graphic design is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there is always a demand for new artwork. If you have the skills to create stunning designs using AI software, then you can start offering your services as a freelancer.

To get started, you must sign up for a freelancing platform like Fiverr or Upwork and create a gig. Once you have done that, you can start promoting your services and earning money for each project you complete. This is a great way to make some extra income on the side or even turn it into a full-time business.

AI art is here and is one of the best ways to earn passive income. Here are some of the top ways to monetize ai art.

There are countless art and design job types on these freelancer platforms—for example, NFT art, drawing and illustrations, digital art, logos, and much more.

With AI art generations, you can make hundreds of dollars per day.

What are the best AI art-generating tools?

Now that you know three ways to monetize AI art let’s look at the best tools you can use to create stunning artwork.

The first tool that we recommend is Dalle 2. Dalle 2 is a powerful AI art tool that allows you to generate realistic images of people, animals, and scenery.

Another great AI image software is Jasper.AI. Jasper combines AI writing and AI art to create a seamless platform that is great for freelancers, digital nomads, and remote workers.

Monetizing AI Art

With AI art now being able to create some of the most realistic and stunning images, there has never been a better time to start monetizing your artwork.

You can monetize AI art in three main ways:

  • Selling simple backgrounds
  • Starting a print-on-demand business
  • Offering your services as a freelancer

Each of these methods has the potential to generate a full-time income, so it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

For additional ways to earn money as a freelancer, check out this article: 114 jobs for digital nomads.

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